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“You can fly your liberal equal flag, but shit isn’t equal.” It’s important to see color. We are not the same. We have very different experiences.” - Paloma Elsesser in her episode of the What’s Underneath Project

this is me.


Announcing the release of snapped chat, a full-color photozine of snaps. An extension of the snapped chat project. 

Featuring work by: 
Vivian Fu, Lauren Cook, Paige Steplewski, Abbie Heath, Cheyenne Sophia, Ariana Huerta, Amy Stober, Ashley Walters, Garrett Lockhart, Kelly Surdo, Cynthia Mai Ammann, Ronika Mcclain, Caroline Caswell, Emily Mason, Hobbes Ginsberg, Suzanna Zak, Liv Thurley, Van Robinson, Carlin Brown, Lindsay Bottos.

color laZer printed
32 pages
September, 2014
First edition of 28

Cover by Carlin Brown

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Vivian 2014

o hai pt. 2




i am crying this is me

Showed my dad and he said “that better not be about me.” Haha


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Forty Nine People’s Meditation, 2004, Ahn, Chang Hong

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or if nudes are ever leaked from me they’ll be like fine art photography pieces. them shits will at least have some vsco cam filters on it or something!

these celebs be posing in the nude like they got on they regular clothes lmaooooo. like with one hand on they hip or with they head tilted to one shoulder.


Gabrielle Union is the newest celebrity to have leaked nudes. Like damn. I’m putting a post-it note over my web cam and phone when not in use AND i aint not never taking no nudes on digital.


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Salaam Cinema, Mohsen Makhmalbaf

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Carry On by Bobby Caldwell

Florence Tétier
♥9819 "Many women, I think, resist feminism because it is an agony to be fully conscious of the brutal misogyny which permeates culture, society, and all personal relationships."

— Andrea Dworkin, Our Blood: Prophecies and Discourses on Sexual Politics (via staininyourbrain)

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