S T A Y H Y D R A T E D .

1st attempt at a “Mac Strobe Cream” sort of product for myself. It’s a whipped cream consistency with mica pigments adding the color to it. On the left side is the cream on the right side the cream smeared on my hand and rubbed in a little, not all the way. On the face it looks suuuuuper dewy, like you just worked up a light, cute sweat. I accidentally made too much. I probably have enough for a year! Lol. I just feel like I need to make the consistency a little thinner, more lotion-y rather than creamy. Also I have to figure out which pigments are gonna give me a beautiful sheen rather than sparkle. I hate glitter and sparkles in illuminators/highlighters.
But all in all I’m pretty excited about this. The goal is to start wearing makeup that is all natural, preferably handmade by me! :)

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